About Us

We Are Mission Driven

As part of the Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corporation revenue from our services goes to support the Fourth Estate and its public benefit mission to contribute to a healthy society by fostering, supporting, and incubating a sustainable and vibrant free press.

As a Scoop.Host customer you are helping to support and underwrite important public-service and investigative journalism iniatives around the globe.

Built for Digital Publishers & News Organizations

We provide a range of hosting programs and technologies focused on mission-critical needs of digital publishers and news organizations. With our innovative hosting technologies and solutions, Scoop.Host is helping to bring millions of people around the world the information they need for healthy and informed societies.

Sophisticated Hosting Technologies

You benefit from enterprise class hosting built for availability and redundancy, with latest in performance web hosting technologies and backed by caring, knowledgeable and responsive support. We include cPanel, enhanced security, FeedSyndicate content accounts, one-click software and scripts, automated daily backup, built-in CDN and more so that you can create awesome sites and spend more time publishing great content and building your business.

Truth. Transparency. Community

We embrace the Fourth Estate’s core values:
Truth: We promise to never misguide or attempt to confuse you to boost revenue.
Transparency: If our service is experiencing an issue, we promise to be tell you what is going on and how we plan to address it.
Community: We love our customers. You can expect friendly, helpful service every time you contact us.

Enterprise Class Services for Mission Critical Sites

Scoop.Host provides enterprise-class hosting solutions for global digital publishers and news organizations and their mission-critical, public interest sites. We seek to provide excellent value to our customers.

Defending Free Speech and Freedom of the Press

We are owned and operated by the Fourth Estate and we defend and champion, by all legal means, freedom of speech and the freedom of the press in face of threats to those freedoms. From fighting abuse of copyright as a tool of censorship to those that attempt to use technology as a weapon against journalism.


Premium hosting, fast server hardware, premium networks, sophisticated software and applications, content from FeedSyndicate, and top-notch support might cost a few more dollars, but after you compare all of the costs, we give our customers the very best value for their money. Our customers agree.

Committed to Your Success

Scoop.Host is focused on delivering a superior service that sets us apart from all other hosting providers and consistently fulfills our commitment to demonstrate our investment in the success of our customers.